About John...




John is an award winning Director of Photography located in the Baltimore/DC area. John began his freelance career as a Director of Photography in Los Angeles following his graduation from Columbia College of Hollywood where he received a bachelors degree in Cinematography. Primarily a narrative Cinematographer,  His work is defined by his composition, use of color, camera movement and versatility to light and shoot all genres of projects. He has worked on independent productions and with major studios and television networks such as Discovery Channel, Food Network, BET, PBS, TBS, CBS, Bravo, Netflix originals and Nickelodeon. 

In 2011, John decided to move back to the East Coast to pursue his dreams in his hometown near Baltimore, Maryland. Since John has been back home he has been a cinematographer on several local/national commercials, numerous corporate videos, documentaries, music videos, short films and has filmed two indie feature films. (Also won two Emmys) When John is not working as a cinematographer, he is usually on his grind working as a gaffer or camera op for television/Netflix shows such as "The Keepers", "Restaurant Divided", "Cupcake Wars", "America's Most Wanted", "Stories of the ER", "Pati's Mexican Table", "Master of the Mix" and "HMS Host"(Airport Commercials)  John has worked with experienced directors and producers on productions in Baltimore/ Washington DC metro area and on locations across the United States transforming director's scripts, treatments or concepts into visual expression. He has over ten years of experience creating fabulous film & digital cinema productions.