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A Five Star Option (Sizzle Reel)
The Keepers | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Cupcake Wars TV Trailer
Brian Dawe's Highlights on VH1's Master Of The Mix
Pati's Mexican Table
Restaurant Divided Maggies Farm Tease
Untold Stories of the E.R., Discovery Home & Health (UK) Trailer, (30")
Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy Reel

John has over ten years of experience working as a camera operator.  John has worked as a camera operator on Television/Netflix shows such as "The Keepers" "Cupcake Wars", "Restaurant Divided", "Pati's Mexican Table", "Untold Stories of the ER", "Le Mans", "American Museum", "Kids Pick The President" and "Masters of the Mix."  

Rates for production services vary from project to project. Please email for production inquiries.

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